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Pick and Place Robot to Aid in Production of Fire-Resistant Glass

Vetrotech Saint-Gobain Kinon GmbH
Pick & Place

Delta robots from igus help produce fire-resistant glass for marine and public facilities

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Plastic components are picked up from a feed unit by the Delta robot in combination with the suction cup and placed in a picking matrix. The maximum pick rate is 30 picks/min.

Vetrotech Saint-Gobain Kinon GmbH is a leading international supplier of high-tech and safety glass for public facilities and marine applications. In addition to bulletproof and explosion-proof glass, the company manufactures fire-resistant glass. To make the production of these glasses even faster and more reliable, the company now relies on robot technology. For example, a Delta robot from igus is used for sorting bulk material on predefined pallets.

The production process used to be as follows: First, the plastic arrows are placed in predefined molds, then picked up by a robot and positioned as placeholders. Placing the arrows in the molds was previously done by manual labor. The monotonous work was performed by an employee who did this task on the side. This was an additional burden, so a new solution had to be found that on the one hand relieved the employee, was cost-effective and achieved reliable results. The result is improved work quality with a short payback period.

The new automation solution relieves employees and at the same time speeds up production processes. As a result, employees can use their free capacities for more demanding activities. But the improved quality of work was not the only incentive to automate. With three shifts a day, each with one employee sorting the filling corners for three hours, the project pays for itself in terms of costs after twelve months.

To learn more about igus' delta robot: https://www.igus.com/info/robotics-delta-robot

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