Mech-Mind Robotics GmbH

Mech-Mind Robotics is a leading specialist in 3D cameras and AI-powered 3D vision solutions. The easy-to-integrate all-in-one solutions for the automation of various industrial applications includes a portfolio of powerful Mech-Eye 3D cameras for object detection, the intelligent image processing software Mech-Vision and the code-free programming environment Mech-Viz. From visual object detection and the analysis of three-dimensional point clouds to robot control, all components of the Mech-Mind complete solutions are optimally matched to each other and can be integrated into almost any common robot environment. With the help of self-developed algorithms and deep learning, the system independently analyses the image data. In this way, the robots understand what they see and can determine the ideal gripping point of objects themselves. The robot control is also AI-supported and generates fast, collision-free motion sequences. Image-controlled automation processes can thus be realised in the shortest possible time and at attractive conditions.

  • MECH-EYE Intelligent 3D camera
  • MECH-VISION AI-supported image recognition
  • MECH-VIZ Simple process programming and robot simulation

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