Room Linear Robot - Stepper Motors with Encoder, Working Space 400x400x150 mm

Variantes: With cabinet control system

Referencia: RBTX-IGUS-0062

Linear robots have several linear axes combined in order to implement a multidimensional movement. igus supplies flat, linear and room linear robots for a multitude of different tasks. igus linear robots include harnessed drylin linear modules/axes with NEMA stepper motors as well as all the components needed to build your own robot. Application examples for room linear robots: Measurement and testing, handling and assembly technology, identification in microelectronics and medical technology, tasks in the handling of small parts and simple handling tasks.

Plazo de entrega habitual: 3 semanas

Working Space
Max Payload
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Portal configurator

Customize the linear robot to your needs! Simply enter your desired dimensions. You can then download the CAD file and receive a summary by email.

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Free Download

Download the software and test if on your computer

Download the software now for free. This allows you to familiarize yourself with the user interface and functions even before you buy the components. With the Digital Twin you get an overview of the possibilities of your robot. (System requirements: Windows 10 PC, free USB 2.0 port, Ethernet port, 500 MB free storage)

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Typical application areas

Gantry robots are particularly suitable for pick & place applications in various areas. For example, in the laboratory, in manufacturing, for applications with adhesives or in vertical farming. They are compatible with various camera systems, grippers and accessories and can therefore also be used in bin-picking applications.

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Optional handheld with touch screen

Choose the right setup for you.

You can control the robot either from your Windows 10 PC or from the optional handheld with touch screen. On the PC the robot can be programmed via a graphical user interface. With the handheld you can control the robot with a joystick and start programs via the touch screen. In addition, you can also connect a gamepad to your Windows PC for control as an alternative to the handheld. With this handheld, the robot runs autonomously without the computer after programming via the Windows PC.

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